A description of a relentless inner battle being fought amongst every race religion and culture

A character's class is only half of the equation; their race plays an equal part in determining that character's history, how they view the world, and how the world views them. While there are countless creatures in the bestiaries that could be considered "races", this page is for specifically detailing the ones intended for players; creatures without racial hit dice that have specific entries for their use as characters. Thus, githzerai are here, whilst their githyanki relatives remain on the Planescape Races page. This is the standard for male dwarves.

A description of a relentless inner battle being fought amongst every race religion and culture

Instead of a silver tongue, you had one of barbed iron. But over time, at the least, you are no worse than anyone else. The God's Aren't All That.

Blacksmith — You are knowledgeable in the ways of metal crafting. Functioning Drunkard - The scent of alcohol is almost always on your breath, and your brain a bit fuzzier than would be considered acceptable by most other people. On the other hand, your brain doesn't disagree with you when you make what others would call foolhardy decisions.

Years of this lifestyle and growing up in Ostland has allowed you to reach a state where sober or drunk people's reactions to you are almost always the same. Bravery — Facing some of the greatest horrors in the world has worn away the ability of fear to control you.

You may experience the emotion, but never again will it be capable of locking down your body and mind. Racial Hatred - Necrarch vampires and undead in general have found a permanent place of hatred in their heart.

Hard Life, Hard Body - Most battles are singular events. Most wars are spent waiting, with large fights at intervals. In contrast, you have lived through constant combat for several months, while supplied somewhat properly.

Instead of the starvation of sieges, constant movement, fighting, sparring, and marching for nearly a full year has heavily conditioned your body for the worst, to ensure you stay alive that much longer. Tranquil Fury — Your fury has been forged from the boiling thing which threatened to overwhelm you at all times into a precise blade.

Long Rule - You have grown into an experienced leader, after two decades of service to the Empire you know so much more than you couldn't have learned without experiencing it.

You are a ruler, and have done so for a long time. Slaying the Overlord of an entire Vampire Bloodline. You have seen, drunk, punched, killed, and generally experienced much. Instinctual Tactician - Never took lessons for the making of war, and yet remains skilled at it nonetheless.

Graf of Guns - Substantially increased the amount of guns in the world. Count of Cannons - Substantially increased the amount of cannons in the world. Oathsworn - Swore an oath before mortals and Gods, albeit drunkenly. No one may take it seriously besides you, but that is enough.

A general grudge against you and yours is now held by most beastmen in the Old World. Only time will tell what this means in the long run Ruthless - A willingness to utterly destroy the foe marks you.

Pity and compassion for the enemy is useless barring rare circumstances. Scarred - Interrogated by Witch Hunter General Anya, and though you were proven pure, the scars of said interrogation remain Grotesquely Abundant Scarring - A truly horrific amount of the body is covered in scars.

This is the body of someone who has survived multiple so called 'mortal wounds'.

A description of a relentless inner battle being fought amongst every race religion and culture

In this case, that of being eaten and slathered in the ruinous acids of a Colossal Squig. Scarfade - Of all the scars this one has sustained in his life, all have seemed to wash away after close exposure to the Everqueen Alarielle the Radiant, for whom the title Radiant is most appropriate.

Of interrogation by Witch Hunters, wounds taken in saving the Wood Elves of Laurelorn, and further those of Karak Ungor, these have become thinned and reduced, some disappearing entirely along with a host of aches and pains so long held they have become forgotten.

The scars are not gone, not truly, but they have faded significantly. Your height and musculature have grown while your eyes and hair have lightened!

Strangely, this transformation only seemed to manifest after you began to walk about again, after it was sure that you would live.

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Also, you are inexplicably just a bit more The Gods work in mysterious ways it seems.The Bible, the true Word of God, tells us that God loves all people, regardless of their background, race, gender, or religion.

But it also makes it clear that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans ).3/5(4). The British hoped to find support from the large loyalist population in the southern colonies and also thought they could hurt the patriot cause by freeing slaves and were closer to their supply lines in the Caribbean.

After relentless, long and hard days working in the fields, enslaved black people had little in forms of comfort. which often closely relates to culture and religion. One example is the Ghost Dance, a religious ceremony in which tribal members sing and dance on four consecutive nights.

In The Songs That Fought the War: Popular Music and. Due to the heartland of the Byzantine Empire being in Greek-speaking areas, Greek was the official language.

A bloody battle was fought near the village of Shirimni on Lake Palakazio (now Çildir, Culture Religion As a. An ancient religion of India with a small following today of only about 10 million followers.

Originated in the s BCE.


They prescribes a path of non-violence towards all living beings. Avaruhiisim is a dualistic, polytheistic, and animistic religion notable for having no set doctrine or dogma and no central authority (though it does have a theology and philosophy relatively unique to it).

In general though Avaruhiisim opposes absolutism and tends to emphasis being .

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