A study of genetic construction

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A study of genetic construction

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Abstract Background Undaria pinnatifida is an important economic brown alga in East Asian countries. However, its genetic and genomic information is very scarce, which hinders further research in this species.

A high-density genetic map is a basic tool for fundamental and applied research such as discovery of functional genes and mapping of quantitative trait loci QTL. In this study the recently developed specific length amplified fragment sequencing SLAF-seq technology was employed to construct a high-density genetic linkage map and locate a sex determining locus for U.

Results A total of After linkage analysis SLAF markers were mapped onto the genetic map. The length of LGs ranged from The SSR marker and five SLAF markers Marker, and were identified as tightly sex-linked markers, as indicated by the absence of recombination between them and the sex phenotype.

These markers were located at the position of Conclusions A high-density genetic linkage map was constructed using SLAF-seq technique and F1 gametophyte population for the first time in the economically important brown alga U. For the first time, a major sex associated QTL suggesting a sex determining region was mapped to a single LG.

This map will facilitate the further fundamental and applied research such as QTL mapping and map-based gene clone in U.

Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article doi: Suringar is an important economic macroalga that has been used as sea vegetable for a long history in East Asian countries [ 1 ]. In China it has been farmed since s, with the annual yield maintaining aroundtons in wet weight in recent years, only second to Saccharina japonica in brown algae.

It is also an invasive species that has spread to all continents except Antarctic and Africa [ 2 — 4 ] and many investigations have been conducted on its invasive mechanism [ 5 — 7 ]. Despite the economic and ecological importance and nutritional value, the genetic study of U.

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Comparatively, the genetic exploration of U. A genetic linkage map is a basic and robust tool for genetic and genomic research, which can provide a foundation for identification of genomic loci linked to phenotypic variants, mapping of quantitative traits loci QTL and even anchoring genomic sequence scaffolds [ 11 — 13 ].

Unfortunately there has been no genetic linkage map for U. Genetic linkage maps have been extensively constructed and applied in land plants, animals and marine animals [ 14 — 16 ]. In contrast, much fewer genetic maps have ever been reported in macroalgae, so far only in S.

As a model species of brown algae, the genome of E. QTL mapping and locating of sex-linked loci were conducted depending on the construction of genetic maps of S.Amoxil Dose For Kittens >> Looking For Pharmacy?

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In this study, the SLAF-seq technique was employed to construct a high-density genetic linkage map for U. pinnatifida, aiming at providing a basic genetic tool for further fundamental and applied research as well as mapping the sex determining locus in this species.

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A study of genetic construction

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