A study on the wayne mogilefsky sexual harassment and discrimination case

Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law — for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well.

A study on the wayne mogilefsky sexual harassment and discrimination case

These case studies, while additional to the information provided in A Bad Business: Review of Sexual Harassment in Employment Complaintsare summaries of actual allegations made by complainants in nine of the complaint files reviewed.

The staff Christmas party Two months after Amy started work as a short-term contract delivery person, she attended the staff Christmas party at a local hotel. She alleges on arriving at the hotel with her sister, a group of about 10 male co-workers wolf-whistled and made sexual remarks about Amy and her sister.

Shortly afterwards, a co-worker, Evan, walked over to the table where Amy and her sister were sitting having a drink. He started to dance, and lifted his T-shirt, exposing his stomach and chest.

He then allegedly proceeded to loosen his pants and turned around and bent over, exposing his bare backside directly in front of Amy and her sister. Later in the evening, while Amy was playing pool with another co-worker, Evan allegedly approached Amy from behind and pulled down her top, exposing her right breast.

She claims she hit Evan over the head with her pool cue because she was frightened and embarrassed. Amy claims she was also intimidated by Evan, because he was sitting across the room, staring at her. Amy complained to her manager the following work day about these incidents, and her employer conducted an investigation into the complaint.

A study on the wayne mogilefsky sexual harassment and discrimination case

Her allegations were substantiated. Evan was transferred to another work-site, while Mark was reprimanded. After making her complaint, Amy alleged that her co-workers treated her coldly and her contract was not renewed. Amy lodged a complaint with HREOC seeking financial compensation and the introduction of a more transparent sexual harassment complaint and discipline procedure.

Alleged harassment by the boss Eleanor was 15 years old when she started working as a casual shop assistant in a suburban store after school and on weekends. Five months after starting work, Jeremy, the year old owner and manager of the store allegedly asked Eleanor if she had a boyfriend and whether she had had sex.

Eleanor claimed that Jeremy began to kiss and touch her on a regular basis. Eleanor claimed that Jeremy frequently tried to have sex with Eleanor in the store after closing time. Eleanor resigned from her employment once she was eligible for Youth Allowance.

Alleged harassment by co-workers Sue was employed as an advertising sales executive at a regional newspaper. At the pub, Wayne, a co-worker, allegedly approached Sue, and showed her a picture he had created. Sue claimed that the picture consisted of her head superimposed onto a pornographic image of a woman.

Sue claimed that management assured her that Wayne would be dismissed for his behaviour. Three weeks later, upon returning from leave, Sue discovered that Wayne had not been dismissed at all; rather he had been required to take long service leave.

Unable to deal with this situation at work which Sue claims was making her unwell, she transferred to another job at a different location even though it meant a reduction in wages.

Sue went on sick leave shortly thereafter. She claimed she was dismissed from her job while her employer claimed she resigned. Sue lodged a complaint with HREOC alleging sexual harassment against the three co-workers responsible for the harassment and her employer.

She sought compensation for the loss of income resulting from her dismissal and recompense for the hurt, humiliation and victimization she experienced. Alleged harassment by a co-worker Shilpa was employed as a process worker in a large factory.

Shilpa claimed that Jim would put his arms around her and try to share her chair when she was eating lunch in the lunch room.

Jim allegedly started to persistently ask Shilpa out for dinner or lunch which she always refused. Shilpa then claimed that Jim began grabbing her on her breasts, trying to pretend he had tripped and landed in that position.


Shilpa claimed that eventually Jim got the message that she was not interested in him.Discrimination and harassment of LBGTQ employees is a real problem. Many do not feel safe at work and are retaliated against if they speak up.

In California, one group of workers that continues to experience a lot of harassment and discriminatio n . It is also the purpose of this University Policy to implement the University’s complaint procedures as referenced in the WSU Board Statutes Annotated – Non-Discrimination Policy and WSU Board Statutes – Sexual Harassment Statute.

Yet until Mogilefsky's case traveled through the courts, the state did not have any precedent prohibiting same-gender harassment. Silver Pictures maintained that sexual harassment laws were not intended to cover same-gender situations.

A New Approach to Counting Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, and Gender Discrimination and sexual harassment than was the case two years ago, but significant improvements 2 Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the Military.

sexual. The article highlighted DeSimone’s involvement in the sexual harassment lawsuits in Hollywood and the entertainment industry at the time. Penny Muck, a year-old secretary, and Wayne Mogilefsky, a year-old screenwriter, came to .

Full text of "H.R. , the Employment Non-Discrimination Act: hearing before the Subcommittee on Government Programs of the Committee on Small Business, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourth Congress, second session, Washington, DC, July 17, " See other formats.

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