An analysis of the boston massacre

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An analysis of the boston massacre

At some point, White fought back and struck a colonist with his bayonet. In retaliation, the colonists pelted him with snowballs, ice and stones. Bells started ringing throughout the town — usually a warning of fire — sending a mass of male colonists into the streets.

As the assault on White continued, he eventually fell and called for reinforcements. Worried that bloodshed was inevitable, some colonists reportedly pleaded with the soldiers to hold their fire as others dared them to shoot.

Once the first shot rang out, other soldiers opened fire, killing five colonists — including Crispus Attucksa local stevedore of mixed racial heritage — and wounding six.

Prelude to the Boston Massacre

Boston Massacre Fueled Anti-British Views Within hours, Preston and his soldiers were arrested and jailed and the propaganda machine was in full force on both sides of the conflict. Preston wrote his version of the events from his jail cell for publication, while Sons of Liberty leaders such as John Hancock and Samuel Adams incited colonists to keep fighting the British.

As tensions rose, British troops retreated from Boston to Fort William. Paul Revere encouraged anti-British attitudes by etching a now-famous engraving depicting British soldiers callously murdering American colonists.

It showed the British as the instigators though the colonists had started the fight. It also portrayed the soldiers as vicious men and the colonists as gentlemen.

It was later determined that Revere had copied his engraving from one made by Boston artist Henry Pelham.

An analysis of the boston massacre

John Adams for the Defense It took seven months to arraign Preston and the other soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre and bring them to trial. Adams was no fan of the British but wanted Preston and his men to receive a fair trial.

Certain that impartial jurors were nonexistent in Boston, Adams convinced the judge to seat a jury of non-Bostonians. Eyewitnesses presented contradictory evidence on whether Preston had ordered his men to fire on the colonists.

The remaining soldiers claimed self-defense and were all found not guilty of murder. Two of them — Hugh Montgomery and Matthew Kilroy — were found guilty of manslaughter and were branded on the thumbs as first offenders per English law.

It further incensed colonists already weary of British rule and unfair taxation and roused them to fight for independence.

The British Side

The victims were troublemakers who got more than they deserved.Boston Massacre ‐ March 5, Analysis Questions: (this image is on the class website, or you can Google image it.) 1.

Who are the aggressors in this engraving by Paul Revere? The Boston Massacre (The American Adventure #10) by Susan Martins Miller (December ) Barbour & Co; ISBN: The Infamous Boston Massacre. by Robert, Smith Short Narrative of the Horrid Massacre in . Srebrenica massacre: History of the Srebrenica massacre, the slaying of more than 7, Bosniak men and boys by Bosnian Serb forces.

f. Watch the John Adams episode dealing with the Boston Massacre and Trial.

An analysis of the boston massacre

It starts at the beginning of Episode 1. Chapters The segments pertaining to the Boston Massacre ends at time The John Adams: Architect of American Government exhibit is at the John Adams Courthouse.

Using text, images, and audio, the exhibit describes the essential role that John Adams played in the development of our constitutional form of government both in Massachusetts and nationally.

Memorial to Boston Massacre victims in Granary . The Port Arthur massacre occurred during the First Sino-Japanese War from 21 November for two or three days, when advanced elements of the First Division of the Japanese Second Army under command of General Yamaji Motoharu (–) killed somewhere between 1, and 20, Chinese servicemen and civilians in the Chinese coastal city of Port Arthur (now Lüshunkou).

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