Art and writing awards bloglovin

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Art and writing awards bloglovin

art and writing awards bloglovin

Make some memories, get outside, and start thinking about the long days of summer ahead. Here are some ideas!

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Some ideas include having students write a letter to themselves reflecting on the past year and looking into the future. You can collect the letters and mail them just before the new school year starts. Another idea is to have students write thank-you notes to people who have helped them throughout the year — teaching aids, parent volunteers, office staff, even other students.

Another favorite is to have your students each write a note to the new students coming into your class next year giving advice and encouragement on how to succeed in your class. Ask some end-of-the-year and summertime Would You Rather Questions. Here are 20 of them for free! Give each student minutes to teach a mini-lesson about something he or she is passionate about or to lead the class in a game, song, or other group activity.

Create a Class Survival Book: This is similar to the letter-writing activity above, except that each student contributes a page to a book that you keep in your class library.

Over the years, you will have a collection of books advising future students about how to succeed in your class. Create a Class Memory book: While there are many pre-made books you can find on line, you can also have students create one themselves.

How about allowing each student to contribute a page? Make a copy for everyone.

We do awards each and every month – four awards per month. Parents are notified, invited, and attend. They are told it is a simple monthly award assembly so no gifts, balloons, etc., but they can take A Constellation Journal. Panama-based blogger, art director, and designer Maristella Gonzalez puts a bit of a twist on her sharp fashion perspective, calling her site “a style blog for the design-oriented” — and it  · Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut is a book kids need. Black kids, brown kids, white kids, all kids. Black kids, brown kids, white kids, all kids. It celebrates a boy and his new haircut, as well as the lives of black and brown

Check out this post for learning games you can play outdoors. Put on a Show: This could be for parents, a younger class, or just for your own amusement. Consider skits, dramatic readings, acting out a story, a talent show, a poetry slam reading their own or reciting poems of their choicestory telling like the Mothor reading favorite pieces from the year.

Make a Class Video: Use pictures taken throughout the year to make a video. Older students can add captions and music. Add in live footage of students talking about their favorite parts of the year.

Use them with Quiz, Quiz, Tradein partners, or as writing prompts. Have a Camping Style Read-In: Set up tents, turn off the lights, and close the blinds.

Kids can bring pillows and read by flashlight.(To say I took my writing too seriously would be an understatement.) But the relentless self-doubt had kicked in, and this pattern of allowing my work to be affected by Awards and Stuff.

So hello. It’s October. And here’s how I know. I look at Instagram and see beautiful pictures of fall leaves, and scarves, and boots, and pumpkin spice lattes.

Awards next Friday! 🙂 Build Student Writing Confidence & Stamina All Year Long! Not only will you have the first five to 20 minutes of class taken care of, you can also extend each mode of writing into a longer text by guiding students through the writing  · Art: Create movie posters that go along with students’ favorite books or their own writing from the year.

Create a “Star Work” bulletin board that is ready to go for next year’s class. Students can choose their favorite activity or assignment from the year and create a poster advertising what they created or My photographic work, blog and writing have been featured by BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and The Food Programme, the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Independent, Jamie magazine, delicious magazine, BBC History, and more.

I am also a Great Taste Awards judge and a member of The Guild of Food Proud to Be Primary – Spring Butterfly Directed Drawing This butterfly directed drawing is the perfect art project for your class this spring.

Not only does it work on following directions, students will get to explore their creativity as well as symmetry and

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