Describe yourself as a flower

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Describe yourself as a flower

Known on the Internet as The Thailand Parrot Flower The search for the rare Parrot Flower from Thailand, Myanmar formerly Burma and portions of east India This is how the e-mail story of one of Nature's Rarest plants was tracked down and includes the original botanical documents.

What is Hygge House?

Known on the Internet as The rare Thailand Parrot Flower Known to the people of Thailand as "Dork Nok Khaew" Sometimes incorrectly spelled Impatiens psitticana, Impatiens psitticina, Impatiens psitticine After you read this article, if you are still in doubt as to the validity of this species, read Ray Morgan's magazine article: This is the story of how we tracked down the scientific facts regarding Impatiens psittacina.

The majority of the photos were provided by the Thai tour company Tourdoi. In late April of I received an email from my friend Robert Black with 5 photos attached.

Those photos were entitled the "Rare Thailand Parrot Flower" and I suspect many now reading this article also received a similar email. That email is currently on its third or fourth trip around the world since it began circulating in early Sorry, we do not sell plants I simply collect rare plants.

Since I'm an avid collector and plant researcher I began immediately seeking scientific information on the plant but hit dead end after dead end.

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Some folks who have written about this species wrongly claimed the flower was an orchid but I knew that to be incorrect since orchids all have three petals and three sepals.

The plant shown in the photos was obviously something else, but what? The search was filled with barricades since the supposed scientific name many were trying to use on the internet was incorrectly spelled. The name circulating on some plant discussion sites was "Impatiens psitticana" and others were spelling it "Impatiens psitticina" and other incorrect spellings were also in use.

As a result, those incorrect spellings did not appear on any scientific research website but the name Impatiens psittacina can be found in numerous scientific source books. I began in approximately March, to send emails to the government of Thailand and as a result was directed to the Plants of Thailand Research Unit.

At first they stated emphatically they had never heard of such a plant but finally after numerous requests was told it was a rare species from northern Thailand and Thai law made it illegal to own, collect, or export plants or seeds of the species.

No other information was provided. From there I began to contact plant nurseries in Thailand for any information and received a similar response. A friend who has contacts in Thailand asked one of his associates to check on the plant species but received only similar replies.

A few Thai growers were obviously unhappy with my request for information having apparently been flooded with requests from the United States and Europe asking to the plant. It appeared any information from Thailand would not be easy to locate.

I then began trying to locate rare impatiens collectors in the United States and Europe and did manage to find several but none had ever seen the plant shown in the email photos! Many who had received the photos thought the entire story was nothing more than a hoax.

Finally, I received an email from an individual associated with a major seed supplier in the eastern United States. That individual was certain the entire story was a hoax and encouraged me to drop my search since he appeared to feel I was just wasting my time. He also appeared to believe all the photos in the email were created on a home computer and could not be real.IELTS Speaking Part 2: describe a plant.

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Describe yourself as a flower

Can I answer in this way & can I use these type of idioms in any part of IELTS exam to show my vocabulary. A common Hibiscus flower is orange - red in color, with pink stigma and yellow stamen. It is not aromatic, however it does have mild flavor. Feb 22,  · For the best answers, search on this site these are other words for beautiful:(a word that nicely sums up flowers) admirable, alluring Status: Resolved.

the flowers combine to create a bouquet of wondrous beauty and sweetness the flowers have a [] grace and [] presence the freshest, most beautiful [] you'll find anywhere. See what your true flower is. I would be the light of the party.

I would be dancing around and singing karaoke.

Impatiens psittacina Hook. f. Impatiens psitticana not an orchid, Rafflesia, Amorphophallus titanum Rare Thailand Parrot Flower or Parrot Flower from Thailand and other exotic and rare tropical plants from the . With these wreaths and garlands of flowers they entwine their hands according to the righteous counsels of Rhadamanthys, whom the great father, the husband of Rhea whose throne is above all others, keeps close beside him as his partner Virgil goes on to describe an encounter in Elysium between Aeneas and his wherein the general Maximus. Aug 20,  · Learn how to describe yourself and identify your positive qualities. positive words for job interviews, resumes, online Reviews:

positive words that can used to describe flowers Abloom flowering or being in bloom; blossoming; thriving in beauty, health and vigor. Abundant present in high quantity; more than adequate; fully sufficient; plentiful; rich.

The Description of Flowers. and there is an equally amazing variety of technical terminology used to describe them. Unfortunately, as with some other aspects of botany, this terminology is not universally standardized; different authors use different terms for the same structure, and sometimes the same terms in slightly or significantly.

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