Elements of the communication process

Full Answer Source The source is the person who is conveying the message.

Elements of the communication process

Full Answer The sender is the one delivering the message. The sender functions as a speaker or a writer depending on the method of communication. The message is what the sender wants to convey. In oral communication, non-verbal language becomes part of the message, intentional or not. While the message is extremely important, whether or not it is effectively communicated largely depends on the other elements.

The receiver is the targeted audience. For oral communication, he is a listener. For written communication, he is the reader. He brings his own life experiences to the table, and these influence what he hears or reads and understands. Feedback refers to responses from the audience.

These responses indicate what has actually been communicated or understood and influences how the sender continues. The channel or medium is the vehicle through which the communication takes place, whether oral or written. Interference has the potential to greatly affect the message.

Elements of the communication process

Any noise made during the delivery or any interruption aimed toward the receiver affects his understanding and the accuracy with which he hears or reads the message. The situation of the communication affects the message as well. Degrees of formality, comfort and emotion all affect the reception of the message.

Ultimately, the goal of communication is to get the message across and have it received as intended.6 elements of communication process.

Elements of the communication process

1. a source 2. a message 3. a channel of communication 4. a receiver 5. encoding 6.

Elements of the Communication Process

decoding. source. a company with info to convey. source example. apple is coming out with a new iPhone.

message. the information sent by the source. message example. elements of the communication process, and explaining why it is impor-tant. Direct learners to take notes from the board and draw the visual of the communication loop in their notes.

Teachers will facilitate the discussion by asking students to recall their expe-. Communication is a process, and if the process breaks down, communication will fail.

In this lesson, you'll learn about the communication process. We'll also discuss how the concept of noise can. Sep 12,  · Here are the various components of the communication process in detail.. Input. The sender has an intention to communicate with another person. From the above discussion, about Elements of Communication Process it can be said that the Business Communication Process is a sequence of some steps or elements and the communicator or sender must take initiatives to magnify each sequence to make the communication process effective and meaningful.

Elements and Importance of Communication Process | Business Management. Article shared by: Elements and Importance of Communication Process! Elements of Communication Process: Communication process involves elements like sender, receiver, encoding, decoding, channel/ media, voice and feedback.

Communication process .

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