Freak the mighty summary essay

The two develop a close friendship, and spend time together with Kevin riding up on Max's shoulders.

Freak the mighty summary essay

Max was an angry kid called Kicker because he kicked everyone, while Kevin called himself Robot Man because of the leg braces he had to wear.

Then Kevin stopped coming to day care, and the boys lost contact until they saw one another briefly in third grade. The boys meet again when Max helps Kevin get his mechanical bird from the tree where it is stuck.

The two boys become friends, and the two families start visiting back and forth. On the Fourth of July, the boys are on their way to see the fireworks when they run into Tony D. Kevin teases them, and the situation potentially turns dangerous until a police car shows up.

Kevin guides Max as the pair runs away, leaving Tony and his gang stranded in a muddy pond. This starts a happy and extended partnership between the two boys. Every morning Kevin comes over to rouse Max, who carries Kevin all over town.

They have imaginary quests, such as looking for dragons, and as they do, Kevin encourages Max to think, dream, and read.

Freak the mighty summary essay

Their quests become real one morning when Kevin arranges for Max to get up at 3 a. Kevin then guides Max to a sewer grate where a purse has fallen. They return it to the owner the next day, which means going into the tenement housing on the far side of the pond, a poor and crime-ridden place.

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An Overview of Freak the Mighty Novel by Rodman Philbrick. 2, words. 6 pages. A Review of The Book Freak The Mighty by Rodman Philbrick. words.

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Freak the Mighty Strikes Again Max tries to stop Killer Kane, but then he lets go of Loretta and tries to strangle Max. Next Freak sprays him in the eye with vinegar, and they run away to the police and they arrest Killer Kane.

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