How to write a letter of resignation ukm

Short answer — NO.

How to write a letter of resignation ukm

Just recently I had an SPM leaver asking me how much do a heart surgeon earn? From the random survey that I have done looking at these questions, I can only say one thing: And the reason why many want to become Neurosurgeons and Cardiothoracic Surgeons is also for the same reason: Despite explaining many times in this blog, I still get these questions asked to me on a daily basis.

Someone asked me a few days ago, how much do I earn as a Rheumatologist? Frankly if I were to practice only as a Rheumatologist, my income per-month would not even cross RM 7K!

My major bulk of income comes from Internal Medicine practice, which I am also gazetted for. How much am I going to earn per-month depends on many factors such as, how many hours I work, how many calls I do, how many patients I see in the ward and clinic, how many holidays I take etc etc.

As I have said many times in this blog, private consultants are NOT paid a salary by private hospitals. So, you are not allowed to charge anything more than what is stipulated in the act.

Your license to practice can be withdrawn if you are found guilty of charging more. FYI, these rates have not been reviewed since !! The Hospital charges, on the other hand have increased by leaps and bounds since the last 20 years.

An appendicectomy that cost about K in is RM K now with the same surgeon fee!! Now, before everyone gets excited, please let me explain how these consultants work! Many people out there only look at the figures but not what is hidden behind these figures. I had written enough about pathways to become a specialist in this blog many still think that they can become a specialist by just doing another full-time master course!

These means, you will be around 40 years old when you decide to open up your own practice in a private hospital. At this age, you are going to a private hospital where you are the housemen, MO and specialist.


You have to run your clinic everyday from pm, do surgeries in OT and do rounds in the ward. It is you and ONLY you. So, who is going to share their patients?

Loosing a patient means loosing money. It is a business. They hardly see their children and do not even take any holidays to be with their family. Either they are obsessed with money or too much passion with their job till they forget their family.

For me, family comes first. It is the most important thing in your life and seeing your children grow in front of your eyes is really amazing. How can someone not see this and spend their entire life in the hospital?

You can talk about dedication etc but whatever said, family comes first! Secondly, do not think that all those who are earning as such, are angels!

Many of them do unethical practices to make up that amount of money. If anything happens to you, like you are involved in an accident or acquire serious illnesses, your income will be ZERO!! This is not a business where you can hire someone else to run the show as patients come to see you and not anyone else.

Whenever I hire a locum to cover me when I go on-leave, I will always be at a loss!

I know one ophthalmologist who told me that he has stopped doing any work to fix anything in his house by himself because he is worried that a small injury to his hand may close down his business!!

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how to write a letter of resignation ukm

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