Importance of pstchology in nursing essay

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Importance of pstchology in nursing essay

Psychology is the science of sciences; but in the West it is placed upon the same plane as all other sciences; that is, it is judged by the same criterion — utility. How much practical benefit will it do to humanity? How much will it add to our rapidly growing happiness?

How much will it detract from our rapidly increasing pain? Such is the criterion by which everything is judged in the West. People seem to forget that about ninety per cent of all our knowledge cannot, in the very nature of things, be applied in a practical way to add to our material happiness or to lessen our misery.

Only the smallest fraction of our scientific knowledge can have any such practical application to our daily lives.

This is so because only an infinitely small percentage of our conscious mind is on the sensuous plane. We have just a little bit of sensuous consciousness and imagine that to be our entire mind and life; but, as a matter of fact, it is but a drop in the mighty ocean of subconscious mind.

If all there is of us were a bundle of sense-perceptions, all the knowledge we could gain could be utilised in the gratification of our sense-pleasures. But fortunately such is not the case. As we get further and further away from the animal state, our sense-pleasures become less and less; and our enjoyment, in a rapidly increasing consciousness of scientific and psychological knowledge, becomes more and more intense; and "knowledge for the sake of knowledge", regardless of the amount of sense-pleasures it may conduce to, becomes the supreme pleasure of the mind.

But even taking the Western idea of utility as a criterion by which to judge, psychology, by such a standard even, is the science of sciences. We are all slaves to our senses, slaves to our own minds, conscious and subconscious.

The reason why a criminal is a criminal is not because he desires to be one, but because he has not his mind under control and is therefore a slave to his own conscious and subconscious mind, and to the mind of everybody else.

He must follow the dominant trend of his own mind; he cannot help it; he is forced onward in spite of himself, in spite of his own better promptings, his own better nature; he is forced to obey the dominant mandate of his own mind.

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Poor man, he cannot help himself. We see this in our own lives constantly. We are constantly doing things against the better side of our nature, and afterwards we upbraid ourselves for so doing and wonder what we could have been thinking of, how we could do such a thing!

Importance of pstchology in nursing essay

Yet again and again we do it, and again and again we suffer for it and upbraid ourselves. At the time, perhaps, we think we desire to do it, but we only desire it because we are forced to desire it.

We are forced onward, we are helpless! We are led here and there because we cannot help ourselves. We say we think, we do, etc.

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It is not so. We think because we have to think. We act because we have to. We are slaves to ourselves and to others. Deep down in our subconscious mind are stored up all the thoughts and acts of the past, not only of this life, but of all other lives we have lived.

This great boundless ocean of subjective mind is full of all the thoughts and actions of the past. Each one of these is striving to be recognised, pushing outward for expression, surging, wave after wave, out upon the objective mind, the conscious mind. These thoughts, the stored-up energy, we take for natural desires, talents, etc.

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It is because we do not realise their true origin. We obey them blindly, unquestioningly; and slavery, the most helpless kind of slavery, is the result; and we call ourselves free.IMPORTANCE OF PSYCHOLOGY IN NURSING PRACTICE Student Name Course Institution Instructor Date IMPORTANCE OF PSYCHOLOGY IN NURSING PRACTICE Psychology is a practice that is common in all industry and according to Pastorino & Portillo (); Psychology is a field of scientific mental that deals with behaviors practice.

Community psychology focuses much attention on health and creating interventions to alleviate health concerns. , p. ) Critical psychology places importance on challenging the dominant values of mainstream psychology. Critical psychology points out that the roles of professionals (e.g.

politicians, psychologists etc.) are not value. Importance of Nursing Theory Essay Sample. If a cholecystectomy is complicated then the patient will have to be “opened up” and a longer recovery time for the patient is present.

Orem’s theory needs to be activated on all patients and a return to normal needs to be in place as soon as possible. Jan 13,  · The role of mentoring new staff, new nursing graduates and nursing students on placement, is an important responsibility for all registered nurses in the workplace.

Discuss. Discuss. Mentoring is the role taken on by a registered nurse who facilitates the teaching of the latest evidenced based skills and techniques.

Research is an important part of psychology because, as professionals, we will always have to expand our knowledge and learn about new information that is coming out in . Our Customer Support team is available 24/7. There's nothing impossible for us!

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