Informative speech on schizophrenia

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Informative speech on schizophrenia

Addictions Take this quiz and find out how depressed are you? Page The alarming link of depression to inflammation and natural feel good vitamins, minerals, spices, supplements and compounds that may provide relief.

Informative speech on schizophrenia

Page 68 — 75 Could schizophrenia be linked to food allergies? And surprising therapies that could help the disorder. Could schizophrenia be linked to food allergies? How to cope with loneliness! The truth is that almost nobody is mentally ill.

All that is needed is the source of the condition is found and eliminated. The disease has gone away and medications are not needed. But psychiatrists do not seek out real causes, physical causes.

Most are too bone idle to check anything and just prescribe Informative speech on schizophrenia drugs to silence the patient. In the old days it was whips and chains. Then electro-convulsion therapy ECT and lobotomies. These shut the patient up alright no more complaints.


But such barbarous actions do not fit the definition of a cure suggested above. Oh yes, they make a big deal out of public safety. Be aware that psychiatry is the only part of the healing arts where you can lose your freedom, be incarcerated against your will and subjected to treatments that are humiliating, unnecessary and ineffective.

They are short on ideas and have no workable solutions to offer. The psychiatric profession has grabbed a field which it does not understand, cannot control and in which it is worse than ineffective: Psychiatry hurts people who trust it and turn to it for help.

Cruelty and inhumanity has a hideous historical perspective which goes back a long way. As we all know, the old-fashioned treatment was to chain up, flog, starve and grotesquely abuse suffering individuals considered mad. The London hospital of St Mary Of Bethlehem gave us our terrible word bedlam, for the nightmare conditions which befell luckless psychiatric victims, once inside.

The locks are still in place. The jailers and torturers are licensed incompetents, many of who, to their shame, are trained MDs who should be able to recognize the signs of physical disease. Keith is sharing with you is on the absolute cutting-edge of medicine.

This will easily save you tens of thousands of dollars in medical costs and prescription fees. This new book is a special exclusive edition, with a limited print run.

It won't last long! The psychiatric label could mean dying 25 years or more earlier. A sixteen-state study has revealed increased morbidity and mortality of those diagnosed with serious mental disorders.

That is, people with certain psychiatric diagnoses die 25 years or more earlier than others! The study, conducted by the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors NASMHPD and published in October,attributes the increased mortality of mental health clients to preventable conditions, ranging from smoking, prescription medications and substance abuse, to diabetes, obesity, homelessness and suicide.

The study authors note that atypical antipsychotics, in particular, are increasingly associated with preventable conditions that contribute to increased mortality i. Furthermore, among a host of health service quality issues, access to health care is typically hindered by systemic flaws, under-funding, and discrimination against mental health consumers.

Yet there is no evidence for such a preposterous claim. But repeated studies have shown that depressed people have no more or no less serotonin than a socially and mentally normal person. Their most notorious side-effects are suicidality and murderous violence.

It was noticed when Ely Lilly first brought out Prozac. But of course it was approved anyway. Never mind the pile of corpses due to crazed mass killers running amok with guns. This is they did in a number of ways. One trick was just to simply remove reports of psychosis from some of the data.Quaderi et al.

() mapped the mouse Mecp2 gene to a kb interval between L1cam and Rsvp in the central span of the mouse X chromosome, close to the microsatellite marker DXMit1. This region is known to be syntenically equivalent to human Xq28, and, with the exception of F8A, locus order is conserved between the 2 species.

Mar 29,  · I need a good attention getter for Schizophrenia? I am giving a speech on schizophrenia can anyone think of a good attention getter?

Follow. 4 answers 4. Informative speech attention getter? Essay attention getter? More questions. What do you think of when you hear the word 'schizophrenia'?Status: Resolved. Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by troubles with social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior.

Some Statistics and Patterns (prevalence, course, prognosis)

Parents usually notice signs during the first two or three years of their child's life. These signs often develop gradually, though some children with autism reach their developmental milestones at a normal pace before worsening. The most read article on is ‘Methylfolate Side Effects‘.

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