Love medicine essay

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Love medicine essay

Love medicine essay

He was born during a period of time when June and Gordie were not together. Lipsha is the son of June Morrisey and Gerry Nanapush. He is adopted by Marie Kashpaw.

As the novel is read, Lipsha Morrisey because more important and is said to have the "Love Medicine". Lipsha was adopted my Marie Kashpaw like his mother, June, adopted Marie. Marie and Nector raised him and did not bring up his real parents. June, his mother, never acknowledges Lipsha.

She freezes to death after drinking and having sexual relations with a man in his Silverado. Everyone on the reservation, but Lipsha, knew that his real parent were June and Gerry. Lipsha does not find his real parents until his grandmother, Lulu Lamartine, tells him the truth.

In the end, Lipsha finally finds his real father and they try to make up lost time as they drive into the horizon. Love medicine is the power of love that cures hurt and is found in the heart of humans. Having said to have a mythical touch, Lipsha is said to have "Love Medicine. He settles on some wild geese, which is found appropriate for the age-old medicine.

He tries, but fails to shoot a pair of geese, so he buys two frozen turkeys. Unfortunately, his grandfather chokes and dies on a turkey heart.

Now, Lipsha thinks that he has toyed around with powers that are much too great and is responsible for the death. He worries that he has lost his gift along with his grandfather, but it is his grandmother who lets him know and sends him on a spiritual journey to find himself.

However, Lipsha says that love is forgiveness, that is not magic, but a "true feeling". Later, when he discovers in a card game his true father and sees himself as part of the larger family, he says, "the jack of hearts is me". These awakenings give a kind of tragic joy to a story pervaded by so many deaths.

Upon discovering the true identity of his parents, Lipsha realizes that though he was the discarded child, he was actually much better off than his half brother, King. Lipsha first thought King was his foster cousin. King would persistently mock him and beat him up.

Once hunting gophers with Lipsha, King took a potshot at him.January To do something well you have to like it. That idea is not exactly novel. We've got it down to four words: "Do what you love." But it's not enough just to tell people that.

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