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Peachtree too far ahead of the

Medlock Area Neighborhood Association (MANA)

I just happen to be using QuickBooks Pro and Peachtree Complete simultaneously for different things. What follows are suggestions. They are not necessarily applicable to your situation.

First ask your CPA or accountant if they have a preference. If they have a strong opinion, go with it.

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Are you going to keep your system in cash or accrual accounting? Prefer three to a page checks? Do your customers or vendors change rapidly? Then Peachtree is easier.

QuickBooks makes it very easy to make large changes to your chart of accounts later when you learn new tricks. In general, QuickBooks is way more flexible. Do you need a lot of hand-holding? Do you often have to compare two ledgers side-by-side?

Peachtree lets you keep two open at once. I do not use all the features of either. I am a treasurer for a small corporation, a church, a public utility, and several small groups. Other people help me with the bigger organizations, but the church and small groups are mostly for me to do alone.

They have no money to spare. They are not the only games in town. For one, Microsoft also offers accounting packages, but I am not familiar with those. Larger organizations and manufacturers will possibly want a different sort of package called an ERP enterprise resource planning system.

Those may require staff to maintain them and the vendor to install them. PT and QB are for individuals and smaller organizations. But if you need an ERP, you already know it. This requires diligence, not genius.

If you know how to guard your money, you already know more about basic accounting than a lot of accountants. I do indeed do my own reporting for the church. It takes hours and hours even though the requirements for churches in the US are way easier than, say, for most individuals.

Peachtree too far ahead of the

So assuming you are using a CPA, all you really need to do is to record your transactions, keep your receipts, and, in the process, get your head around what you have, what you owe, and where you are headed financially, and to be able to convey that information to someone else in a way that they can understand.

See this accounting primer if you are just starting out. When I decided to move some ledgers from a legacy i. That was back in the day when most accounting packages were very expensive.

Peachtree made automated accounting accessible to small organizations. I did some research, but at the time, I had trouble finding a comparison report that seemed both unbiased and written by someone familiar with both even though an awful lot of CPAs must use both.

I decided it would be an interesting exercise to study anew the differences first hand. But my environment is not the same as yours. There are a lot of features in both packages that may be important to you, but that I have never tried. I know nothing about running either on Macs.

I may get e-mail harrisons writeme. But please stick to specifics. By odd coincidence, they both came into being at about the same time. I am using all four concurrently for different things.GPS Information on Garmin, Lowrance, Magellan and other CONSUMER receivers.

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Peachtree too far ahead of the

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GPS Information on Garmin, Lowrance, Magellan and other CONSUMER receivers.

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