Postcard stock paper

Taber Prang Art Co. They started printing view-cards of Boston and holiday cards in In with the founding of Mount Rainier National Park their business greatly grew with the influx of tourists. They not only provided the only rail passenger service to the Park but supplemental transportation to its inns.

Postcard stock paper

Very popular with linen postcards where all undesirable elements have been airbrushed away while enhancing the scenes colors. Albumen Print - An image printed on paper using egg albumen the white of an egg mixed along with whey derived from curdled milk.

The albumen and whey is boiled, filtered, and then mixed with grains of iodide potassium. These prints usually show a brown, yellow, or purple tone.

Almost all albumen prints are done on very thin paper and then mounted to cardboard. This process was very common in the last half of the 19th century and was used most on cabinet cards.

Album Marks - Discoloration or heavy indentations on the corners of Postcard stock paper cards from the acid, leaching out of the antique album Postcard stock paper, or from weight. Aluminum - Cards made out of aluminum.

Antique Postcards - Although the word Antique is generally considered to mean an item over years old, many collectors use the term antique postcards to describe cards of the - period, also known as the Golden Age. These type of postcards are also called novelties.

Archival - Any museum quality material that will protect postcards for extended periods of time.

Postcard stock paper

Artist Signed - Any card which has an artist's signature or initials. Postcards where the publisher has identified the artist are also considered to be artist signed.

The term does not mean the postcard has been autographed. B ack of Card - For most postcard collectors this will mean the address side of the postcard although some philatelic stamp collectors consider the back the picture side.

Bas Relief - Postcards portraits which the portrait has been raised to form a three-dimensional effect.

Essential Paper Knowledge for Ordering Print These can help protect the entire piece or can be used to create eye-catching effects.

Bookmarks - Postcards in a bookmark shape. Not usually over two inches wide but length has been found in various sizes. C abinet Card - A simple term used to describe a print, usually an albumen print that is no more than 6 inches, unless it is an imperial cabinet card that is mounted upon period cardboard.

This was the most common way to display portraits in the 19th century. Cachet - Information opposite the stamp area in special cards or envelopes which relates to the date the piece was mailed.

First day of issue envelopes are good examples. Cachets can be printed on stickers, stamped by rubber stamps or printed directly on the postcard. Cancellation COF - A card that has been postmarked and cancelled on the front. Carte-De-Visite CDV - An albumen print upon a cardboard mount with dimensions no more than 5inches mostly used as a visiting card.

Celluloid - A postcard with decorative additions made from celluloid. Celluloid is a highly flammable synthetic made from nitrocellulose and camphor. Character - Postcard condition. Checklist - Complete listings of all the cards within a certain set, subject or publisher.

Card Stock Paper

Checklists usually give the title and serial number if any, to identify the cards but also could have descriptions of the picture side. They look similar to albumen prints, but the paper isn't quite as thin as the paper used in a albumen printing and they do not need to be mounted as do albumen prints.

These two processes were used widely in the late Victorian and early Edwardian periods. This process on most cards is simply stated as a Gelatin Silver Print. The term is derived from Kodachrome. These are modern glossy cards and are most prevalent among traders. They are the most common type of card you will find on postcard racks today.

Chrome refers to a process used to make the cards. The chrome cards were first published in the 's and continue to be published today.

Postcard stock paper

Colophon - A publishers emblem or trademark Composite - This is a photograph with two separate images printed on the same photo paper. Condition - Refers to the physical condition of the postcard.

Crazing - These are the tiny cracks and fractures you many times see in the emulsion or the top layer of a card. Credit Line - This term refers to the information giving the publisher's name and location, serial number or any other information which gives details about the card.

This information is usually seen at the left edge, center or bottom of the address side. D eckled-Edge - A jagged edge designed around the photograph, most popular from the ss.Fastest.

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A postcard or post card is a rectangular piece of thick paper or thin cardboard intended for writing and mailing without an other than rectangular may also be used.

There are novelty exceptions, such as wood postcards, made of thin wood, and copper postcards sold in the Copper Country of the U.S. state of Michigan, and coconut "postcards" from tropical islands. Postcard Paper ( items found) Best Match Price, Low to High Price, High to Low Name, A-Z Name, Z-A Top Rating New Arrivals SORT BY.

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Find great deals on eBay for postcard stock paper. Shop with confidence. Postcards are frequently classified by the era in which they were produced. The following descriptions of five eras refer to cards made in, or especially for, the United States market.

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