Psychosynthesis training amherst

The Synthesis Center is a nonprofit educational institution, founded in

Psychosynthesis training amherst

COM Psychosynthesis Coach Training Psychosynthesis Coach Training is a hour training course, including face-to-face training on 8 weekends in the Philadelphia area and some virtual training between weekend sessions.

Virtual training between weekends will be relatively brief hours and is intended to help build continuity and promote learning between weekend sessions. Completion of hours of Psychosynthesis Coach training will prepare you to sit for the BCC Coach Certification exam if other requirements are met.

Installment payments can be arranged.

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You may pay directly via PayPal see button below or alternate payment options may be arranged. Payment in full is due on or before 1 day prior to the start of training, September 14, Payment may be made on the program website: This program does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender orientation, religion, national origin or disability.

If part of the program cannot be delivered as expected due to unforeseen circumstances such as a weather emergency or other health or safety concerns, replacement training will be scheduled to cover what was missed and a reasonable attempt will be made to accommodate the schedules of all participants.

Replacement training may include videos and virtual sessions.

Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis - Psychosynthesis Coach Training

The full program cost will be refunded if requested in writing up to 30 days before the program starts August 17, for the program. Participants must bring issue or raise concerns to the Philadelphia based trainers in writing no later than 2 months after the beginning of the issue.

The trainers will work with the participant to come to an adequate resolution. After 1 month of discussion, if the parties cannot agree on an adequate resolution, the issue will be submitted in writing by the trainers to the head of the coach training program, Julie Rivers.

If no resolution is agreed on within 1 more month, a certified coach trainer from the Synthesis Center, which our training program is associated with, will be engaged to review all documents on the incident and make a final disposition on the issue.

All decisions from the latter will be final and conclude the process.

Psychosynthesis training amherst

The decision will immediately be sent in writing to the individual bringing the issue. If you are interested in training, please email us as the contact information below.The Synthesis Center, Amherst, Massachusetts.

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likes · 11 talking about this · 21 were here. Training in Spiritual Counseling and Transformative Coaching. Some who train in psychosynthesis may qualify for certification as a psychosynthesis life coach. Training is available both in the United States and internationally. Congratulations for being accepted onto the Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis course!

With your acceptance, the remaining balance of £ should be paid to the Institute. Note: If you haven’t yet paid your £50 deposit and would like to pay the full £ in one payment, please click here for our full Continue reading. Psychosynthesis Training, psychosynthesis counseling.

Psychosynthesis Life Coach Training Centers: National & International. The Synthesis Center has been one of the leading centers of Psychosynthesis education and training in North America for the past 40 years.

Psychosynthesis training amherst

Step 1 • Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis Time: 4 days over a long weekend Who should attend? Those with an interest in self-development within a spiritual context and/or as a prerequisite for all further professional training.

Fundamentals fee: £ (includes a £50 deposit) Find out more about the Fundamentals and apply Continue reading. The Synthesis Center, currently functions to offer best fit referrals to training Centers, as well as a referral source for trained Psychosynthesis Coaches. Independent Studies and personally Designed Programs are offered by the Center and its director, Dorothy Firman.

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