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Raw beta

Beta is calculated by regressing the percentage change in stock prices versus the percentage change in the overall stock market. CAPM Beta calculation can be done very easily on excel.

They are not required for Beta Calculations. This process is relatively easy: Debt and Equity both. The beta that we calculated above is the Levered Beta.

Unlevered Beta is the Beta after removing the effects of the capital structure. As seen above, once we remove the financial leverage effect, we will be able to find the Unlevered Beta. However, when we evaluate private companies not listed Raw beta, then how should we find Beta?

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Higher amount of debt implies higher variablility in earnings Financial Leverage which in turn results in higher sensitivity to the stock prices. As a first step, we find all the listed peers and identify their Betas levered Step 2 — Unlever the Betas We will use the formula discussed above to Unlever the Beta.

Please note that for each of the competitors, you will have to find the additional information like Debt to Equity and Tax Rates. While unlevering, we will be able to remove the effect of financial leverage.

The calculation for the relevered beta is as follows: It is this relevered Beta that is used for calculating the Cost of Equity of the Private companies. What Does a Negative Beta Mean?

Raw beta

Though in the above cases we saw that Beta was greater than zero, however, there may be stocks that have negative betas. Theoretically, negative beta would mean that the stock moves in the opposite direction of the overall stock market.

Though, these stocks are rate, but they do exist. Many companies that are into gold investing can have negative betas because gold and stock markets move in the opposite direction. International companies may also have negative beta as their business maynot be directly linked to the domestic economy.

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