Rubin hurrican carter

Carter had been stricken with prostate cancer in Toronto, the New Jersey native's adopted home. Rubin "Hurricane" Carter was with 19 knockouts before being wrongfully convicted for murder in and again in before being freed in He was convicted alongside Artis in and again in a new trial in Carter was freed in November when his convictions were set aside after years of appeals and public advocacy.

Rubin hurrican carter

Long after a car of Rubin hurrican carter make had eluded a police chase, Carter and a young friend, John Artis, were pulled over in Carter's white Dodge.

De Simone ordered the two brought back to the bar, but no witnesses could identify them as the gunmen. Alfred Bellow and Arthur Bradley, two professional burglars who had seen the gunmen while themselves out to rob the same bar, gave descriptions which were nothing like Carter or Artis.

He dragged the suspects to the hospital bedside of a critically-injured survivor who denied that they were the men who had just shot him.

So Carter and Artis were released. The only physical evidence against them was a lead-plated. It could have been fired from the murder weapon — but the bullets which riddled the Lafayette victims were all plated with copper.

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Several months later, de Simone persuaded Bellow and Bradley to change their minds and identify Carter and Artis as the gunmen. These deals were not disclosed to the defence. The prosecution even suppressed their initial description of the gunmen as "thinly built, both 5'11' in height" the Hurricane was an unmistakably stocky 5'7".

The prosecution relied on Bellow and Bradley — and unspoken racial prejudice.


On the jury table, the blood-stained shirt, trousers, socks and shoes of each victim was carefully laid out. By the shirt collar was set a wedding photo and beneath the shoes was placed a picture of the bullet-ridden body on the mortuary slab.

The prosecutor called for the defendants to be sent to the electric chair. I met Rubin Carter during his release on bail in He had, quite literally, written his way out of life imprisonment with a memoir, The 16th Roundwhich revived interest in his case.

Bob Dylan, who years before had so movingly mourned the lonesome death of Hattie Carroll, now set the story of "the Hurricane" to a driving, angry beat. Mohammed Ali led protest marches, and an appeals court ordered a Lazarus and the Hurricane: The Freeing of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter (): Sam Chaiton, Terry Swinton: Books.


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Rubin Carter, surnommé Hurricane, est un boxeur américain poids moyens né le 6 mai à Clifton, New Jersey et mort le 20 avril à Toronto d'un cancer de la prostate.. Il est notamment connu pour ses condamnations controversées en et pour trois meurtres perpétrés en juin à Paterson (New Jersey), et pour sa libération de .

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter's life story is a warning to us about racism and revenge Geoffrey Robertson In , I was a junior lawyer on Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter's retrial defence team.

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Rubin hurrican carter
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