Sea essay essay

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Sea essay essay

Our Earth is basically covered with seas and oceans at its Southern Hemisphere. The Northern Hemisphere have almost comparable portion of land and water.

There is a difference of temperature and salinity at different portions of the sea such as at different depths and different areas. This differences produces deep sea currents. Also surface currents are formed by friction of waves produced by the wind and by tides, changes in the local sea level produced by gravity of The Moon and the Sun.

Sea is a storehouse of treasure in the form of uncountable life forms of which a lot more are yet to be discovered. Also it is a storehouse of minerals. Sea is a very mysterious place and due to its vast nature it always drives Sea essay essay beings curious about it.

The nature of sea is different at different places because of various geographical features surrounding it. At some places the salinity is so high that human beings do not drown in that sea.

And of course no living thing can survive. The seas and oceans are the reservoir of the most important ingredient in our food.

Sea essay essay

The sea provides livelihood to many fishermen and villages on the seashore. The sea is home to a lot of life forms of which some are very important for humans because of its high demand and nutrition. For example fishes, shellfish, mammals and seaweed.

These are both harvested from wild and farmed. The sea contains some form of life or the other at every part. Of course the sunlit areas are very less in deep sea. Also the penetration of light is effected by turbidity of water, surface tides, etc.

So the sea vegetation is adapted to photosynthesis at minimal light available to them.

Sea essay essay

The same goes to some fishes and other marine animal. The oxygen is also very scarce in deep seawater.

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Essential aspect of human life such as trade, culture, travelpower generation and mineral extraction are provided by the sea. Sea is important during warfare too. Sea imposes many weather conditions on the earth such as hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, tsunami, earthquake, volcano, etc.

These areas are very vulnerable to earthquakes especially if the epicenter is in the middle of the sea. Same goes for winds and storms. Earlier killing of whales was not done judiciously.

The fish oil is used for many purposes. This had led to lessening in the number of the whale fish. So now it is not legal to kill whales above a certain limit.The LEAP Rise Above Scholarship Fund is a statewide initiative of Sea Mar Community Health Centers.

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