Sociology honors thesis

Toward that end, a student interested in doing an honors thesis in sociology is expected to meet the following guidelines. Guidelines For Prospective Senior Honors Thesis Candidates In addition to any and all requirements of the Honors Programa student planning to do an honors thesis in sociology is expected to satisfy the following:

Sociology honors thesis

Over the course of the year, the program creates a cohort experience for participants through shared coursework and training in research methods and statistics while building a community of undergraduate scholars. Our Honors curriculum trains students to design and execute their own research through small seminars, independent study, and allows students the opportunity to Sociology honors thesis graduate level coursework as part of the honors experience.

We encourage you to apply if you meet the requirements below, plan to graduate in Spring or Summer, and want to engage in a demanding year-long program concluding with the completion of an Honors Thesis. Virtually all successful applicants have completed SOC or one of the other permitted statistics options and SOC prior to starting Honors.

In addition to the above courses, sometime during their honors year, students are required to complete: One level substantive W seminar with a faculty member in the department in addition to any such courses students took prior to their honors year.

Check with Sociology Advising before you sign up so we can make sure the class qualifies. Or, if a student is interested in taking a graduate level substantive seminar instead, they should discuss it with and get permissions from the Honors Faculty Director as well as from the Professor teaching the class.

Or, students may propose taking an advanced Statistics course instead of one of the above options. Approval is required from the Honors Faculty Director, as well as from the Professor teaching the class.

A total of 60 credits in Sociology coursework, including all of the Honors requirements. Honors students must meet all other degree requirements for the BA in Sociology. Applications for the Honors Program will be posted during Winter quarter, the application will be due Friday, April 12, A complete application will include the application form, a statement of purpose, a writing sample, and an unofficial transcript.

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The Honors Cohort William Bernard: Julie Brines and Aimee Dechter. Sarah Quinn and Sara Tomczuk. Kyle Crowder and Alexes Harris. Jerry Herting and Sarah Quinn. The Honors Cohort Amy Christison: Kate Stovel and Hedy Lee. An Examination of Queer Movement in Seattle.

Sarah Quinn and Michael Brown.

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Promoting Inclusion or Reinforcing Stereotypes? The Impacts of Neighborhood Clustering. Kyle Crowder and Robert Crutchfield. Understanding the Mechanisms Behind Epidemiological Paradox.

Sociology honors thesis

Experiences of Homelessness in a Gentrifying Neighborhood. Katherine Beckett and Hedy Lee. The Honors Cohort Zoe Bill: Emma Spiro and Emilio Zagheni.

Who Does Better for Our Kids? Jerry Herting and Hedy Lee.Joint Honors Thesis. Students may pursue a joint honors thesis in Anthropology and Sociology and another major/program. Students who pursue joint honors enroll in the honors thesis course in Anthropology and Sociology (A&S or ) one semester and the honors thesis course for the second major/program for the second semester.

Departmental Honors in Sociology/Senior Thesis. See: Research Opportunities. Alpha Kappa Delta. Alpha Kappa Delta(AKD) is the international sociology honor society, founded in , with more than chapters worldwide.

Each year the Boston University chapter (Gamma of Massachusetts) invites juniors and seniors of high scholarly achievement in. The Honors Program in Sociology consists of advanced independent study under the direction of a faculty supervisor, culminating in the completion and presentation to the department of an honors thesis.A major who successfully completes an honors thesis in sociology will also satisfy the culminating experience in the major.

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The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell is one of the best colleges of its kind in the world. It is a place where world-class faculty and top-notch students come together in an environment that promotes mutual respect, diversity, inquisitiveness, and dedication to .

Departmental Honors in Sociology can be earned by replacing the regular Senior Thesis with a Senior Honors Thesis that is acceptable to the departmental faculty for honors designation.

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