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Two volunteer Portsmouth lawyers, Jerry Zelin and City Council candidate Duncan MacCallum, worked countless unpaid hours compiling the motion on behalf of individuals more or less affiliated with a wide range of groups from the APT to Portsmouth Listens and no group in particular. The lawyers got their most explosive information via Freedom of Information Act requests of the type investigative reporters usually use.

The market square dog writing about the big question citizen

Christina Stinsa Hard to finish but I did. Sad because there were areas that could have been explored and expanded on. Nov 18, At first when I read others reviews about the preachiness, I figured it wa I love BK and have read almost all of her work, but this book is difficult.

At first when I read others reviews about the preachiness, I figured it was someone conservative BK tends to be pretty liberal who was reviewing and I would like it just fine, but nope, I lean towards the liberal side of things and I still find her preachy as hell.

And do I possibly detect some racist undertones? You go to school, spend the years, invest the money, put off this or that temporary form of glee, take on the debt, pay it off.

Get a job at the bottom of the ladder, work X number of years and move up. There are mis-steps, of course, accidents, bad decisions, re-directions, disappointments. Some big, some less so, everyone has these. You do the right thing, and everything is supposed to work out ok. But you want to send your kids to good schools, see them go to college, have satisfying adult lives of their own.

You do the right thing. You plan for the future, and have a sane expectation that, someday, you can retire and still have a decent life.

You do the right thing, follow the course that has been laid out for a very long time, expecting that the promised rewards will arrive. And sometimes they do. But while you were busy doing the right thing, those with the power and the money changed the rules of engagement.

So, instead of an American Dream made real, it is as if you have stepped into an episode of The Twilight Zone. It is a time in which the promises of the past have not just been broken, they have been stolen.

the market square dog writing about the big question citizen

Better yet, find some groups who have nothing to do with the real changes and blame them. And those doing the yanking laugh at their victims as prey, as marks. Things fall apart; the center cannot hold, as it is devoured from the right. Barbara Kingsolver - image from her site We live in a time of upheaval.

People who have been victimized forever are gaining respect and rights. Same sex marriage is the law of the land, legalization of marijuana is spreading across the country, MeToo is holding accountable many abusers who acted in flagrant disregard for common human decency.

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Many deservedly respected norms have been tossed aside with a sneer. Notions of fair play seem quaint, civility is in tatters, the earth itself is rebelling against the excesses of short-sighted human folly. She has always written about big picture issues.

In an interview she did recently with Goodreads, Kingsolver says:Each day we unveil new Kindle book deals for adults and young readers, including daily romance and science fiction & fantasy deals.

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