The real causes of dementia

Dementia Alliance International Chair Kate Swaffer explains the significant effort that will be required and why human rights and the recognition of dementia as a disability must be reflected in all regional and national dementia strategies and plans. Without this, and the vision and urgency with which it has acted, we might still be talking about the notion of an action plan for dementia. Examples for Inspiration ADIwhich highlights some of the great work in developing national dementia plans around the world. Since DAI has worked on human rights for people with dementia, with both the WHO and ADI, there has been significant change in this space globally, and we are now likely to have improved and hopefully faster outcomes.

The real causes of dementia

A little over an hour later, Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the murder of a police officer, and witnesses placed him at the scene of the assassination. No motive was established for either murder both of which Oswald denied having any part inbut the witness testimony, coupled with the fact that Oswald was a self-proclaimed communist that wished to defect to the Soviet Union, were more than enough to convict him.

And with that, the case was open and shut… At least as far as the government was concerned. The The real causes of dementia, however, were less than convinced. Many, many theories began floating around, and with the advent of modern communication, the theories only increased.

The most prevalent theory was that the whole thing was somehow orchestrated by the CIA and vice president Lyndon B Johnson, for one reason or another. Regardless, given the fact that no evidence was ever available, most theories remained just that — unconfirmed speculation that people put forward in an attempt to connect the dots.

That is, until Octoberwhen President Donald J Trump declassified thousands of documents pertaining to the event, claiming that the US public deserved to be informed about the nature of the incident.

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Apparently, the KGB launched its own investigation into the matter, which concluded that Lyndon B Johnson was heavily involved in it. So an internal investigation confirmed that Ruby was working for Johnson.

But wait… Why would he hire anyone to kill Oswald? He was literally being dragged to court when it happened, and there was a plethora of evidence including photographic that Oswald was guilty.

So why shoot a guy doomed to the electric chair, anyway? Lee Harvey Oswald, the supposed assassin of President Kennedy, was a CIA operative trained for undercover work in the USSR, and thus his communist ideology and desire to defect were most likely a sham. Maybe Oswald was the real killer, ordered by Johnson to assassinate the President.

Maybe he was just a CIA agent that ended up taking the fall because he was deemed dangerous or was just selected at randomand was then shot before he could spill any secrets. Or maybe he went rogue and killed the President anyway, possibly blaming him for the death of Merilyn Monroe to whom he sent fan letters.

It all began in December on an Australian beach called, how else, Somerton Beach. The body of a man dressed in a suit and tie washes up there, and is soon discovered by police who took it in for examination. For all the police knew, the guy was a ghost. Now, this is where it gets really interesting — what kind of man keeps a hidden pocket, let alone one that remains undiscovered for months?

A nationwide search for the book was launched, which lasted for another four months. Out of nowhere, a man who read about the case in the newspaper stepped forward with a rather peculiar tale. What raised even more questions was that, scribbled inside the book, were a cipher and a phone number.

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The phone number led investigators to the next clue. The cipher still remains unsolved to this very day. The phone number belonged to a woman named Jessica Thomson, who, surprisingly, actually lived not too far from Somerton Beach.

She was supposedly very evasive when questioned, with the only information that the investigators managed to get from her being that she gave a copy of the Rubaiyat to a man named Alfred Boxall. Suddenly it all made sense — this Boxall fellow was the mysterious man at the beach, who used his book as a clue to point the investigation towards Jessica Thompson!

To this day, nobody has any idea who the man on Somerton Beach actually was.

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DNA tests have proven inconclusiveand Jessica Thomson took whatever she knew to the grave when she passed away in Who was this man?

Why was Jessica so reluctant to speak about him, and if she truly knew nothing, why was her phone number in his book? Created by British satirist Charlie Brooker, the show uses its anthology format and technology-related themes to explore the darker side of humanity in incredibly creative ways.

Sounds like science fiction, right? In real life this could never happen! Ina project titled eterni. Still, that project never actually managed to get off the ground as far as I know there has been no progress in two yearsso how about we instead focus on a similar one that did?

She used the same software her company has developed in order to create an AI replica of her best friend, who had passed away several years prior.Sundowner’s Syndrome is the name given to an ailment that causes symptoms of confusion after “sundown.” These symptoms appear in people who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia.

Dementia now striking people in their 40s as mercury from vaccines causes slow, degenerative brain damage. Thursday, August 06, by: David Gutierrez, staff writer. Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures, an annual report released by the Alzheimer's Association®, reveals the burden of Alzheimer's and dementia on individuals, caregivers, government and the nation's health care system.

The real causes of dementia

Share the facts and join the fight. Dementia now striking people in their 40s as mercury from vaccines causes slow, degenerative brain damage.

Transfer trauma is a term used to describe the stress that a person with dementia may experience when changing living environments. Transfer trauma is more commonly seen in the person with early stage dementia and when one is moving into a facility from their lifelong home. The length of time and.

Alzheimer's is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. Symptoms usually develop slowly and get worse over time, becoming severe enough to interfere with daily tasks.

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