Virtual law firm business plan

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Virtual law firm business plan

Dec 20, at A well-thought-out vision and a realistic law firm business plan will guide your choices as you establish and grow your business and legal services. Here are some ideas for thinking through that vision. But legal technology makes it possible today for attorneys to cast a wider net, practicing over a larger geographic area and expanding into other specialties.

If you are contemplating starting a law firm on your own, you should take a realistic inventory of your own strengths and interests, as well as the population demographics and the types of businesses in your area when formulating a law firm marketing plan.

Small law firms have to be smart about identifying and seizing opportunities, such as with business incorporations and transactional law. The economic turmoil that began in has caused a lot of people to reevaluate their priorities and hopes for the future.


As the promise of guaranteed lifetime employment fades, many individuals have considered starting their own businesses. These new businesses are looking to small law firms to provide expert guidance in an efficient and friendly manner.

So small law firm business lawyers who seek to build or broaden their practices should not overlook the potential clients in their own backyard. These attorneys know the communities in which their clients are operating and have a good feel for the importance of building long-term relationships with those clients.

As you think about your potential niche, consider the following advice from Nicholas Wells, an intellectual property attorney with Kirton McConkie, a Salt Lake City legal services firm. Start with who you are The obvious choice is the subject that most interests you.

But consider also your personality, likes, and dislikes. Do you prefer doing legal research to handling emotional confrontations? The benefit of starting a law firm is that you can tailor your practice to your personal strengths and make your professional life into exactly what you want it to be — something that can be very difficult at a larger firm.

Consider geography and economics Some niches work better in certain locations. Use your preferred location as a guide to suggest areas where you can succeed, such as practicing oil and gas law in Texas, copyright law in Los Angeles, corporate law in Nevada or Delaware, or elder law in Florida.

Also consider economic realities. Plan the breadth of your practice — and its natural extensions — based on current and possible future trends. Bankruptcy is strong in recessions, real estate runs in cycles, and legislative changes have a huge impact on securities law, immigration, and other practice areas.

For example, if your chosen practice area is entertainment law, you could start with a law firm marketing plan focused on the music industry, then work to add independent film or publishing.

If you start with personal injury, consider expanding your training to include medical malpractice. If you pitch yourself as a tax lawyer, consider learning about transactional law, such as estate planning, securities law, or corporate governance.

And it means you have a focused law firm marketing message for those who need the specific legal services that you can provide. Consider money If you went into law just to get rich, you may succeed, but you may also be miserable.

Still, money is a valid consideration when viewed in light of your other priorities. For example, if you want to work from home or you look forward to assisting immigrants, you can succeed, but you should temper your financial expectations.

When preparing a budget to start your own law firm, take into account the different hourly rates, typical project size, and market expectations for your selected area of law. Talk to others You may not have the experience to make a confident decision about your area of practice.

Talk to other solo practitioners or to those who work in small firms that focus on areas you are considering.

virtual law firm business plan

Ask about their daily schedules, what they like and dislike, about their law firm marketing plan, what the business cycles are like, and what cautions they can offer about their area s of practice.

Plan your move, train yourself, revamp your law firm marketing messages. Once you have thought these things through and identified a niche, think about how you would set up the attorney-client relationship when those clients start coming through the door — as well as establish client retention strategies.

Focusing on how the relationship begins can teach you how to promote yourself effectively to a new client.Business Plan for a Startup Law Office The business plan consists of a narrative and several financial worksheets.

The narrative template is the body of the business plan. It contains more than questions divided into several Business Plan OWNERS Your Firm Name Address Line 1 Address Line 2 City, ST ZIP Code Telephone Fax. Virtual Law Office NYC - Virtual Law Firm Program; Sustaining Members; Writing a Business Plan for Law Firm - Law Firm Business Plan Sample Business Plans for Lawyers.

New York City Bar Association you’re now in the process of starting a business. If you write a business plan and put it away in a drawer you have not written one that. Virtual Law Office NYC - Virtual Law Firm Program; Sustaining Members; Writing a Business Plan for Law Firm - Law Firm Business Plan Sample Business Plans for Lawyers.

New York City Bar Association you’re now in the process of starting a business. If you write a business plan and put it away in a drawer you have not written . Successful Virtual Law Practices. By Richard S.

5 Essentials For Starting a Virtual Law Firm This is a guide to creating one, with a free template you can download to get started. Here is what should go in your business plan.
How to Start a Law Firm in the Virtual Law Office Era | Legal Solutions You get to work the hours you want; you get to develop the client base you desire; and you get to negotiate the fees you feel give both you and the client the best value for your time and effort.
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How to Write Your Law Firm Business Plan Delivering legal services online successfully depends on a number of variables. There is no one formula for success, but understanding some of the factors that impact performance will help you create an effective law firm online marketing strategy.
How to Write Your Law Firm Business Plan Lawyers face not only debt and expenses, but a very competitive job market.

Granat, CEO DirectLaw, Inc. We have been evaluating the successes and failures of lawyers who subscribe to DirectLaw's virtual law firm platform, and we want to share these experiences as we learn about them.

A law firm business plan helps you define your firm’s mission, values, services, and how you will offer those services in the marketplace. Your business plan should include the following: Executive Summary.

A virtual law office start up will mean you need less money to get started, since you are not spending money on traditional office space. In addition to your virtual office rental and malpractice insurance, your biggest monthly expenses will be the software and services you .

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