Why should soldiers study military history essay

Messenger There is nothing noble about war.

Why should soldiers study military history essay

He was interviewed in by Barbara Miner of Rethinking Schools magazine. I started studying history with one view in mind: By the time I went to college I had worked in a shipyard, had been in the Air Force, had been in a war.

I came to history asking questions about war and peace, about wealth and poverty, about racial division. I can make an argument for knowledge for its own sake as something that can add to your life.

Students should be encouraged to go into history in order to come out of it, and should be discouraged from going into history and getting lost in it, as some historians do.

What do you see as some of the major problems in how U. One major problem has been the intense focus on U. This is a problem that all nations have, their nationalistic focus on their own history, and it goes to absurd lengths.

Some states in this country even require a yearlong course in the history of that state. But even if you are willing to see the United States in relation to world history, you face the problem that we have not looked at the world in an equitable way. We have concentrated on the Western world, in fact on Western Europe.

I remember coming into my first class in Spelman College in Atlanta in and finding that there was no required course in black history, or Asian or African history, but there was a required course in the history of England. And there on the board was this chart of the Tudors and the Stuarts, the dynasties of England.

Another glaring problem has been the emphasis in teaching American history through the eyes of the important and powerful people, through the presidents, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the generals, the industrialists.

Taking that as an example, if one were to have a more inclusive view of the war with Mexico, what would be some of the themes and perspectives one would include?

The Mexican War is an example of how one event raises so many issues. So often the history of war is dominated by the story of battles, and this is a way of diverting attention from the political factors behind a war. Another thing that is neglected in the Mexican War is the viewpoint of the ordinary soldiers.

And then so many of them deserted.


You should tell the story of the Massachusetts volunteers who went into the Mexican War. Half of them died, and the half who returned were invited to a homecoming party and when a commanding officer got up to address the gathering, they booed him off the platform.

How did they feel about having 40 percent of their territory taken away from them as a result of the war? How did they view the incident that President Polk used as a reason for the beginning of the war? Did it look real or manufactured to them? This is so important because this is something that is repeated again and again in American history: How do you prevent history lessons from becoming a recitation of dates and battles and Congresspersons and presidents?

You can take any incident in American history and enrich it and find parallels with today. One important thing is not to concentrate on chronological order, but to go back and forth and find similarities and analogies.

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You should ask students if anything in a particular historical event reminds them of something they read in the newspapers or see on television about the world today.Importance of military history Essay.

A. Pages:2 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. A careful study of objective military history with an open mind and with the determination of learning from the experiences of others will be of great benefit to any military professional.

Why should Soldiers study military history. THE HISTORY OF WOMEN’S ROLES 1 The History of Women’s Roles in the United States Military ITT Technical Institute THE HISTORY OF WOMEN’S ROLES 2 Abstract Women’s contributions in the United States military began with tasks, such as providing medical aid to soldiers during the Revolutionary War to serving right beside their male.

Then why should a military profession study the history of war? This paper will try and answer this question by arguing that it is essential for the military to learn war history basing on the arguments that will be presented in the essay. A freedman or freedwoman is a former slave who has been released from slavery, usually by legal kaja-net.comically, slaves were freed either by manumission (granted freedom by their owner) or emancipation (granted freedom as part of a larger group).

A fugitive slave is one who escaped slavery by fleeing.

Why should soldiers study military history essay

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